Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yes, I am alive.

    Next week is my birthday.  I will be 2 years away from 30 and 7 years away from the age people think I am, It'll be great.  I don't put much weight on my birthdays these cause well I don't need the extra calories.  That was a dumb joke and it will be completely understandable if you stop reading now as a result.  Every year I try to make plans for it with new goals, new problems and new jokes.  The goals part will hopefully be this year's focus.  

   I have been home from work for a few weeks which has really given me time to reflect on the past month, year and 6 seasons of the Roseanne.  I am home because earlier this month I was hit by a car while crossing the street.  Obviously have been writing so things could have been a lot worse.  One could never be as thankful as I am to be okay.  The with mostly minor injuries, I did injure my foot.  This has kept me home, elevating my foot and in a walking cast for a few weeks which sucks.

   After a good 200 episodes of I don't know what I watched, 5 pints of ice cream, 45 cookies, one half-gallon of ice cream, 1 milk-shake, 25 boring pain-killers, 15 pain-killers that worked, 4 PB&Js, 5 comedy specials, 2 gallons of tears, 2 torn pairs of jeans, 8 hours of staring at my computer screen tried to think of what to write, 18 lack-luster poos, 72 eye-rolls and 9 arguments, only at this moment am I am starting to feel better. 

     I am starting to feel like returning to life.  Strange how split seconds change your life.  I would like to say that this accident has changed my life cause it has, but would like to be smooth enough to know in what way.  I have this keen desire to sit, smoke, eat, poop, do nothing all day and feel sorry for myself.  I also have a keen desire to get over myself and do something amazing.  I guess there is something more amazing than dressing up my dog in different outfits and making her walk my couch like it's a runway.  I am going to work on self publishing my blog now.  Been meeting with people who  can help on the topic all week.  Any ideas or suggestions?


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