Friday, March 21, 2014

Single Moments

     There is this point in being single that I would like to talk about on stage but can't really figure it out.  When you get a phone number from someone you would never imagine going out with in any other circumstance.  Maybe you're out trolling a bar and some toothless, balding hottie hands you their card.  In the moment you're like, "fuck no."  If not verbally, in your head.  Then a few days later you realize you still have the card.  For some stupid reason you never threw it out the number.  It's just sitting in your wallet looking at you.  Then there is what I call a "single moment."  It's that time where you have watched enough Scandal to get your period, started to refer to your dog as we and find suicide funny but would never actually do it.  You're just desperate enough to reconsider the situation and try out good old toothless.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I am producing a comedy show called Yuri & Friends with International Headliner Thai Rivera!  He will make you uncomfortable in the best way possible. His politically incorrect style of humor has taken the comedy world by storm.  After becoming a  favorite and regular at clubs such as the Hollywood Improv and World Famous Laugh Factory he started to travel across the country in the most unlikely of places, redneck bars. Some of you may recognize him from the Jo Koy Comedy Tour, he has also been featured on Comedy Central's Live At Gotham and The Logo Network's One Night Stand up. Thai made his second appearance on Comedy Central October 25th, on Stand-Up Revolution.  

Hosted by myself, this show includes local favorites Lydia Popovich and Johan Miranda! Special guest Marga Gomez has won “Best Comedian” in both SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian! This is a night not to be missed! 

See it live at San Francisco Punchline comedy club at 8pm on 4/15/14  while tickets last!


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