Monday, October 31, 2011

Check Out Recovering Commies!

I produce a show called "Recovering Commies" with fellow comedian Vladimir Khlynin. Here is a promo Vlad created for our touring comedy show. If you want us to come to your town, let your local comedy club know!

See us live with Headliner Kira Soltanovich from "the Tonight Show with Jay Leno." We will be performing at Cobb's Comedy Club on 12/8. Tickets are available here:


  1. Sounds exciting Yuri! Do you guys have a website or a list of touring dates?


    for now we will be at Cobb's Comedy Club in SF 12/08. We will also be at Flapper's Comedy Club in Burbank on 1/26.

  3. Thanks Yuri. Look forward to seeing where you guys take the tour. If you book a show in NY I want to know about it!



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