Friday, September 27, 2013

Catholic Guilt revisited freewrite

I am Jewish.  Don't pretend to be surprised.  People often lie and pretend to be surprised, like they have cateracts or something.  The most common question people ask me is, "Where in New York are you from?"  To which I respond, "The part that's in Los Angeles.  Go fuck yourself, we aren't all from there."  If I had a dollar for every time I was offered a Kosher meal on a flight, I wouldn't have to do standup.  I get it though, I look like what would have resulted if Woody Allen fucked Jewish.  I understand it.

I was raised Jewish.  We weren't the New York Diamond District/"Stranger Lives Among Us" staring Melanie Griffith type.  We were the type that ate bacon for breakfast, complained at every single restaurant but god forbid you went to school on a Jewish holiday because that was when we went to Indian Casinos.  What I am saying is we were Jewish for the holidays.

As a Jew I must say I am proud of our accomplishments.  Levi Strauss invented jeans, Edwin Herbert Land invented inexpensive filters which made photography affordable and too many other things to mention.  Another thing we can agree on is that guilt had to be invented by a Jewish person, cause it's free and lasts for generations.  There we were for THOUSANDS of years.  We had the branding and PR where everyone knew guilt was our thing!  Then there was a PR glitch that got people to think we had horns which was embarrassing, then Catholics come up with Guilt the Remix.  Catholics are like the Puff Daddies of guilt.  There is a difference between Catholic and Jewish Guilt.  One is real, the other isn't.  Second you can't say Hale Marys to get out of Jewish shit, you can write a check though.

A great example of Jewish guilt:  When Catholic kids get pregnant, what happens?  The poor girl gets kicked on to the street.  When Jewish girls get knocked up, what happens?  They keep 'em in the house to remind when what they did wrong for their entire life.  Then the bastard grows up with, "you know what your mother did?  She could have had a doctor, now we'd settle for a mortician."

Another great example of Jewish guilt is Bar Mitzvahs.  Jews are the only people that force their 13-year old boys to perform for their entire family, friends and anyone who will listen.  This, while their wiener and voice control everything.  

... More to come...


  1. Abe Maslow mad at publisher for making his pyramid right side up, not upside down. Never recovered. Blackfoot spirit say: "You don't grow tree from top."
    Then he insisted on "Eupsychian Management" to save the goodies for later. Follow Nidusnet to Maslow

  2. I believe that's called "self-esteem building" no? Too bad so many uninitiated, uneducated monkeys to deal with. Oh well. Tikkun Olam, scuse me, and all that self-actualizing bullshit.

  3. The Secret Home of the Eupsychian Party ca. 2500 speak with forked tongue.



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