Sunday, November 6, 2011

jokes and premises...

Trying to write... nothing comes to mind that's particularly funny.... here is what's on my mind.

As a bartender, when someone orders a long island they are essentially asking u to put your finger down their throat.


Leave it to gays to pick a depressing song and turn it into a dance mix. The words may make you want to slit your wrists but we will dance the fuck out of the song.


If you go to a bar and ask for the cherries without a drink more than once in a night it's possible that you either have never had sex with another person.


Guys who tell a bartender "I'll get you next time" instead of tipping every time, chances are they are horrible in the sack.


  1. The first second and the last are the strongest in my opinion. They are the ones that made me chuckle to my screen.

    The second one leads to another road as well where you may be able to squeeze out more jokes about what else gays can turn from depressing to upbeat and entertaining. Just a thought. Very nice though!

  2. im so glad you commented. super helpful man! thanks.



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