Saturday, February 13, 2010

The bus quick write...

The transit system ins San Francisco is ridiculous. For those who have never been here, or have never had the pleasure of riding the bus or BART here, it's a trip. Every day I ride 1-3 of these vehicles to take me where I need to go. On the bus, subway, BART, there are always the same issues. There is the same stale stench, of moth balls, old spice, sweat sock and old man balls. There is also always someone sitting on one seat, while they have a backpack placed on the seat next to them. This is a sign to riders telling them to stay away. So when you're looking for a seat, it's like the first day of school, where everyone tells you (me) that all the seats are taken and you feel like an extra looser for a few minutes out of the day. To take up extra seats during rush hour is greedy and pisses me off. I know who you people are, and I don't appreciate it! I understand why people do this, it's cause they maybe don't want to have someone sit there who get's in to their business and wont just up. The bus is not time to make friends. It's what takes you from point A to point B. The issue is this when you have had a long day of work, or in my case you're on unemployment and have had a long day of facebook stalking, you just want to get on the bus without a problem. Instead, when you enter the doors of a bus or whatever transit shithole you use, you take to get around, there is always some dick with a phone that they are using as double for a stereo system. It's like a little bit of soul train with you for the ride. They are booming, loud, grainy hip hop or whatever their forte is from their metro PCS phone and forcing those around them to listen against their will. I usually try to walk past these people in hope of finding a corner to hide in. Then you almost always pass the chick on the phone who has to be talking loud enough for the entire bus to here that don't know who her baby daddy is and repeatedly tells the person on the phone to "shut the fuck up." This bitch also has her feet up on one seat, her fake Prada on the other, while the rest of the bus is stuffed with wall to wall people, like a sardine can. You pass them so you could ideally make it through the ride without wanting to take the bitches phone and shove it up her ass only to be forced to stand in the corner of the bus next to some homeless, crackhead who smells of death, yet the smell is slightly reminiscent of my kidnergarden teacher. This guy is also playing with a hand full of lighters. At this point, I usually try to hold my breath for the entire ride, in hopes that I wont breath in the permeating crackhead stink or get scabies from standing too close to the fire. Now is when I put on my headphones and try to pretend I am far away from this mess. I usually play Nirvana to drown out the noises. Then some little asian lady has to push her little dolly/shopping card filled with cabbage and chicken heads right into my leg a good minute before the next stop in preparation to get off. The little asian bitches on the bus, don't get in their way. They will push and shove without thinking twice. You could lose a leg or finger. Then you can hear some 12-year old thug in the distance arguing with some yuppie about touching "his boo." They yuppie probably brushed against the girl on accident and didn't realize that this is an invitation for a fight. Oddly the fight starts and the lazy bus passengers just sit and watch. It's like they all took some valume and can't move. SF passengers are chicken shits in this sense. They just sit and let others get beaten to a pulp instead of intervening and trying to help their fellow man... Eventually it's time to get off at my stop. The doors to the bus/train open and the rinos flood out. I know that this is a bitter sweet ending since I will have to go through this again in 3 hours.

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