Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's new?

     In case you have been wonder why I haven't had any new things going on much lately here is why.  As I mentioned before, to supplement the comedy I still have to work.  That has taken too much of my time to say the least.  Lots have been happening.  I moved in with my long time boyfriend.  Looking for an apartment in San Francisco was tough.  Finding a place here was harder than trying to find how Jennifer Hudson REALLY lost the weight!  My bf and I have been together so long that technology has invented new ways for other people to get laid that didn't exist before, Grindr to name one.  Visited family which was bitter sweet and my good friend Brooke got married.  The highlight was where where I got to see a great fat baby, my nephew, Paulie.  Everyone knows, there are three things I love most in life which are eating, fat babies, and complaining.

     Lets complain.  I have had a tough time writing this past month with everything going on.  What the hell is this Bath Salt shit?   What the fuck?  When I was a kid, you were hard core if you smoked behind the school & ditched school. Now all you need is bath salts and a good appetite?  What happened to smoking a fat bowl and calling it a day?

    Lets talk about the Octomom.  This bitch is more annoying than after sex when your partner asks what you're thinking.  She should be locked up.  I as a gay man get told that I can't have kids in many states of this country, but she gets government assistance and publicity?  First off, she needs to be locked up cause she is more nutty than Anne Hatch.  At least Anne Hatch blamed aliens for her crazy.  I don't get why the Octomom is on govt. Assistance in the first place while most states are in financial crisis and dont allow gays to get married which would add to their revenue, but that's another story.  Nadia whatever should just become and entrepreneur and start a shoe making business called, "Little hands do little stitches.

      Why does Donald Trump always have to make a public statement with an insult?  One of his Miss America hos was saying that his competition was rigged.  He then responded that she didn't place cause look at her.  He picks random targets and then goes after their looks.  Whenever he attacks Rosie O'Donnell he always talks about being fat and untalented.  This about a woman who for years a time and on a daily basis entertains the country!  Her pinkie is funnier than Donald Trump's hair.  

      I have cut down on comedy simply because there wasn't enough of me to go around.  I will be spending this month focusing on the balance, booking more shows, writing and creating some new bits.  I do expect to create some more shows for Recovering Commies as well this fall.  Looking for a copy editor still or book agent to help me turn the blog stories into a real book.  Please let me know if you think of anyone.

Thanks for the Support and keep reading!

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